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Welcome to the St. Louis Browns Fan Club and Historical Society.


Browns Players-Fans Reunion Lunch Breaks Attendance Records; Up 104% Over Last Year

Attendance was 440 fans up from 215 last year. While the published starting time was 10:00 a.m., fans were already in line for the Browns Bazaar silent auction and player autographs at 9:00 a.m.

Featured players included Don Larsen,

Roy Sievers, Ed Mickelson, JW Porter,

Bud Thomas and Don Lenhardt.


Live telephone interviews with Ned

Garver and Don Lund were broadcast

to all 440 attendees in the ballroom.

Garver was at his home in northern

Ohio while Lund was in Ann Arbor, MI.

Neither were able to attend the

Luncheon but found the telephone

conference call a great alternative.


Browns Bazaar Back


Over 35 baskets consisting of books, toys, baseball memorabilia, autographs, hats, shirts, snacks, liquid refreshments, framed photos, logo shirts, posters, and much more were part of an auction to attendees. This was the second year a silent auction was held. Based on the popularity and comments from attendees, the Browns Bazaar may be back next year.


Top Two Events in MLB History Have Ties to the Browns


Can you name the top two major events in the history of major league baseball?  Both of these have ties to the St. Louis Browns.  One was in 1951 and the other in 1956. One may be questioned while the other is indisputable. More on this later.


Inside the St. Louis Browns Fan Club


Welcome! The St. Louis Browns Historical Society, established in 1984, is the premier source for St. Louis Browns information. The Browns Historical Society is the original and largest Browns Historical known. Our mission of preserving the memory of St. Louis baseball when our city had two professional teams can be seen in our publications, Pop Flies and annual events.


Our experienced and knowledgeable officers and members include individuals from the St. Louis business community who are avid baseball fans who have been consultants and/or actively worked on numerous Browns projects. In addition, the Browns Historical Society has one of the largest available photographic archives in the country.


People of all ages who love baseball are invited to join the society and keep abreast of the events of the organization. Become a member, attend our membership events and visit our museum displays donated by many of our members. Enter curious, leave inspired.


The Historical Society was organized in 1984 with a mission to preserve the history and memory of the St. Louis Browns baseball team. The Browns played in St. Louis from 1902 through the 1953 season. The team plays today as the Baltimore Orioles.


While the Browns had a losing record while in St. Louis, they were one of the most colorful teams in the history of baseball. The Browns won only one pennant and played the St. Louis Cardinals in the only all St. Louis World Series in 1944.


Today, we have more than 320 members in the fan club. The following is a summary of some of our activities throughout the year:


We sponsor an annual sports banquet of players and fans. The 2010 luncheon had Tommy Lasorda and Bob Costas as featured speakers. Our 2011 luncheon speakers included the Browns' Ned Garver and Bob Turley (both pitchers) along with former manager of the Cardinals, Whitey Herzog. Browns players present were Roy Sievers, Ed Mickelson, Don Lenhardt, Bud Thomas and J.W. Porter.


We publish Pop Flies, a 20-page, full color magazine featuring St. Louis Browns players and fans. The magazine is published twice a year.


We offer a range of merchandise such as polo shirts, caps, T-shirts, bags, and more featuring historic Browns insignia.


We provide 5 blog and web sites with a variety of news and information. The web addresses are:


Web page –

Blog News –

Museum Photos –    

Browns Jersey –

Logo shirts, caps, etc. –


We provide DVD programs of past lunch reunions with featured speakers are available for purchase.

We provide resources for storage and exhibition of memorabilia.


Our operations are supported by voluntary dues based at $30 per year along with other donations. This helps cover the travel expenses for players to attend our reunions along with printing, postage, supplies, advertising, and other operational expenses.


We are a 501 C 3 non-profit corporation so all membership dues and other donations are tax deductable.


To join, send a check for $30 payable to the “St. Louis Browns Fan Club” and mail to:


    St. Louis Browns Fan Club

    P.O. Box 510047

    St. Louis, MO  63151-0047


BONUS - We will send you the current issue of Pop Flies along with a DVD of the 1944 World Series between the Browns and the Cardinals.


Please help us support the history and memory of the Browns. We are the only historical society for a St. Louis sports team who has left our area. If we don’t keep the memories alive, no one else will and they will fade away along with those of the other former St. Louis teams.v